Dave Matthews Band – Dreaming Tree tab

Beginning riff goes something like:e-------0/2---2-----0/2---2----------------|b-----------0------------0-----------------|g----2-----------2------------2------------| repeat a butt-load of timesd------------------------------------------|a------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------|
Verse chord progression: Chorus chord progression: Am-Dm-G-Em A ?G ?F ?Em e--0---1---3---0--------------------0---3---1---0-| b--1---3---3---0--------------------2---3---1---0-| g--2---2---0---0--------------------2---0---2---0-| d--2---0---0---2--------------------2---0---3---2-| a--0---0---2---2--------------------0---2---1---2-| E--x---x---3---0--------------------x---3---1---0-|
Single strums for each chord; just listen to the song. Am Dm G Standing here, the old man said to me, ?long before these crowded streets, Em here stood my dreaming tree?? first guitar (Dave) Dm, Dm, Dm, Dm.
Second guitar (Tim)e------------------1-0-----------------------------|b----3-3-3--1-3-1-3--------------------------------| make variations to this riff, be creative.g--------------------------------------------------| you can do it.d--------------------------------------------------|a--------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: A G F Em Oh, have you no pity, this thing I do, I do not deny it? This is a really cool camp fire song, or you can just play it for a chick if you want her to think that deep and interesting, I?ll post the other lyrics later. E-mail me for Questions, comments, or corrections. - Adam
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