Dave Matthews Band – Crush tab

This is Crush... by Dave Matthews Band

Chords used:

Bm7 Bm Bm(b6) E7sus4 E13sus4 F 
C E Gsus2 Asus2 G/B G5 F5 
D5 C5 B5

If you dont know some of these chords Google might work... web or images, i just dont 
time to type them all down, sorry.



Bm      Bm(b6)         E7sus4           E13sus4   
    G        C
 Crazy-        how it-       feels tonight-      Crazy- how you-   Make

           Bm                 Bm(b6)        E7sus4   
it alright-   love-  crush me-     with the-      things you do-

 F        G         C              Bm            
and i do-  for you-   anything too, oh-  sitting-      smoking-

          E13sus4      F         G       C    E
feeling high-        and in this- moment- oh-  it feels so right...

Gsus2                      Asus2               C            E
Lovely lady, i am at your-      feet, oh God I- want you so- badly...

Continue this rythm for all verses, don't worry you'll get the rythm and recognize the patterns.


F         G             C                     G/B
Its crazy- I'm thinking- just knowing that the- world is round...

then end the chorus on E... like so...

C      E
real-   or am I dreaming?


G5, F5, E5, G5, F5, E5, 
F5, D5, C5, B5, Bb5, G5, F5, E5...

and then continue the rest of the verses and chorus... i know its kinda confusing but 
time... if you dont get it or just absolutely hate the tab, email me at jagg92@hotmail.com.
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