Dave Matthews Band - Steady As We Go tab

Dave Matthews Band - Steady as we go
tabbed by Phillip Bass

Capo 6th fret
Standard tuning

lick #1 (first thing in the song)

lick #2
lick #3|----------------||--1--1--1--1-1--||--0--0--0--0-0--||--3--2--0--0h2--||--3--3--3--3-3--||----------------|
Intro - lick 1, E Verses - (i walk halfway around the world.. etc) G, D, lick 1, E Chorus - (troubles they may come and go..) lick 2, G, lick 1, E Bridge - (when the storm comes..) F, C, G, lick 3 Outro/ending - same as chorus
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