Dave Melillo - Knights Of The Island Counter tab

Tabbed by: Clark
Artist: Dave Melillo
Song:   Knights of the Island counter

Standard Tuning

No one seems to be able to get this right so i thought i would just go ahead and put the 
way up. im pretty positive this is the way to play it. its a really simple song...

INTRO:E--------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------0-------------------------------------|G-------9--------9--------9------9---9-------------------------------| x3D-----7---7----6---6----7---7------7---------------------------------|A---5--------7--------9----------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Then the 4th time play;
VERSE CHORDS: Dsus E F#5???E----0--------0---------0--------------------------------------------|B----3--------0---------0--------------------------------------------|G----2--------1---------6--------------------------------------------|D----0--------2---------4--------------------------------------------|A-------------2------------------------------------------------------|E-------------0------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE: Dsus E F#5 So we sit at this table with our hands in our laps Dsus E F#5 And we have a few drinks and we share a few laughs Dsus E F#5 But now those days have past and theyíre not coming back Dsus E F#5 Itís a shame cause thatís all that I had CHORUS: (play the exact same as verse) And weíll sing out loud for hours Until the morning that we know we canít avoid These nights are notable and priceless I swear that every word I say, I mean until my dying day Itís a shame when I wake I canít recall a thing Itís a shame when I wake I canít recall a thing VERSE 2: Dsus E F#5 So keep things quiet until the rest of the street falls asleep Dsus E F#5 Then weíll break out and show everyone just what were made of Dsus E F#5 So young, lets abuse our health and have a little fun Dsus E F#5 Iíll drink to that, letís drink to that (then play CHORUS) BRIDGE:(play the intro) x2 Iíve got some problems but weíve got ten dollars Thatís enough to get us wasted before the night is over These past five days Iíve been completely sober But tonight Iím getting ripped wide open
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