Dave Stewart And Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here tab

k... didn't like the tab on here so watched it myself and this is what I got
The timing isn't typed in here properly but hopefully listening to the song will help... 
first tab :P

--------------|-----------------|--0-----------|--0--------------|----0--2------|----0--2---------|---------2----|---------2/4~-542|--------------|-----------------|--------------|-----------------|First Main Guitar Part
-----10~------|-----10~------------|----8-----8~--|----8-----8^10~10/12|--/9-----9----|--/9-----9----------|--------------|--------------------|--------------|--------------------|--------------|--------------------|Second Main Guitar part
----15-15-14--|----15-15-14-14-12-12--------|--12--------12|--12-----------------15~15b17|--------------|-----------------------------|--------------|-----------------------------|--------------|-----------------------------|--------------|-----------------------------|Third Main Guitar Part
He uses each of these parts a couple times in the song and then just fiddles around in E scale including a strum at 12-12-12 on the e, b and g string
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