Dave Van Ronk – Losers chords

Guitar Tabs and lyrics" Losers " by Dave Van Ronk 
Drop D tuning

Stole this tab of some guy but I put in lyrics and changed the name of some of his 
chords although all credit is due to him. Uploaded by Brian Sweeney


 (Capo 2)

C = 030010

Lick   Dm  C  Bb  A7

     Dm                         Gm

I blew my wad playing 		seven-card-stud

Dm Bb A7 I was playing for money, they was playing for blood
Dm A7On the way back home the
F G Bb A7 Dm big winner got mugged Now he's just another loser like me Lick Dm C Bb A7
Dm GmSee that kid sitting back at the bar
Dm Bb A7He's picking up a storm on a Martin guitar
Dm A7 F G That poor fool thinks he's gonna be a star
Bb A7 DmHe's just another loser like me
F Dm Losers, losers
Bb A7 Some are raggers, some are bluesers
Dm A7 F GMakin' disco sounds in a HoJo lounge
Bb A7 DmWith a bunch of other losers like me
Love has busted up this cat for sure He's crying like a baby at his baby's door That poor fool don't know what he's crying for He's just another loser like me Losers, losers Can't say no to cruisers When she says "When he'll be back again?" He's just another loser like me There's a hobo up in heaven on the golden street He'll panhandle every angel that he'll meet He'd hock his harp for some Sneaky Pete He's just another loser like me Losers, losers Some are dopers, some are boozers All the muscatel is down in hell He's just another loser like me When God appeared to Saint John Wayne He told him "Duke, I'm a-coming again Life is just a wagon train I'm glad you're not a loser like me" Losers, losers Ten gallon bruisers From Genghis Khan to the Fuller Brush Man They're just a bunch of losers like me go to top of page
Dm GmE||--------1-----1--1--------|--------3-----3--3--------|B||--------3-----3--3--------|--------3-----3--3--------|G||-----2-----2-----------2--|-----3-----3-----------3--|D||--------3-----------3-----|--------5-----------5-----|A||--------------------------|--------------------------|D||--0-----------0-----------|--5-----------5-----------|
Dm Bb A7 Dm A7--------1-----1--1--------|-------1-----0--0--------|-------1---------0----|--------3-----3--3--------|-------3-----2--2--------|-------3---------2----|-----2-----2-----------2--|----------0-----------0--|-------2---------0----|--------3-----------3-----|-------3-----------2-----|-------3---------2----|--------------------------|--1----------0-----------|----------------------|--0-----------0-----------|-------------------------|--0---------2---------|
F G Bb A7 Dm-------1---------3----|-------1----0--0-------|-------1-------1--------|-------1---------3----|-------3----2--2-------|-------3----------------|-------2---------4----|-----------------------|-------2-------------2--|-------3---------5----|-------3----------2----|-------3----------3-----|----------------------|--1---------0----------|------------------------|--3---------5---------|-----------------------|--0---------0-----------|
F Dm Dm--------1-----1--1-------|--------1-----1--1--------|--1-------1-----1-------|--------1-----1--1-------|--------3-----3--3--------|--3-------3-----3-------|-----2-----2-------------|-----2-----2-----------2--|--2-------2-----2-------|--------3-----------3----|--------3-----------3-----|-------3-----------3----|-------------------------|--------------------------|------------------------|--3-----------3----------|--0-----------0-----------|--0----------0----------|
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