Dave Van Ronk – Head Inspector tab

"Head Inspector"

This was figured out from the solo acoustic version from Going Back 
to Brooklyn. The only tricky part is the bend, which starts on the 
5th fret and goes up 1/2 a step and back down fairly quickly.

Open C tuning (CGCGCE)


**Riff 1**
**Riff 2**
|-------3---3-----/-----7---7----\-||-------3---3-----/-----7---7----\-||-------3---3-----/-----7---7----\-||-----3-------3---/---7-------7--\-| x2|----------------------------------||-3-------3------/7-------7-------\|
Some damn fool knockin' at my door Broke down, poppin' 'round I saw a man I never saw before Broke down, poppin' 'round "I'm the head inspector," that's what he said Broke down, poppin' 'round "Bend down while I inspect your head" Broke down, poppin' 'round He's got a stethoscope and a fluoroscope He'll make your horoscope to the buzz elope Wash your brain with laundry soap Broke up or broke down Dead broke, poppin' 'round I told him, "I know what you'll find" Broke down, poppin' 'round I got stained glass windows in my mind Broke down, poppin' 'round I got a ton of jelly and a lotta jam Broke down, poppin' 'round And the women all love me when I say shazam Broke down, poppin' 'round Never did the thingy in an air raid drill And I never took the trouble to write my will Ain't good lookin' but I'm hard to kill All broke up or broke down Dead broke, poppin' 'round I wear a funny plantis hat Look like the Wolfman gone to fat I'm a pretty good man for all of that All broke up, broke down Oh, dead rope, poppin' 'round Yeah
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