David Alan Coe – Bottle In My Hand tab

Bottle in my Hand
George Jones & David Allen Coe

Capo 3rd

1st Verse:
D                                        G
Last week he spent his whole paycheck on whiskey
           D                   A7         D  G D
And I know Friday night he'll do it all again
         D            G         D                G              D
And he'll drink 'til he falls down    and he’ll order one more round
     G       D               A7           D  G D
and then go home with that bottle in his hand

             D      G           D          G            D
and the only thing I can hold onto is this bottle in my hand
                    G       D                     A7
I know I'll never have to share it with any other man
        D         G    D                G             D
I'm so glad you introduced us and I'll do the best I can
 G     D               A7            D  G D
To be faithful to this bottle in my hand

2nd Verse:
D                                           G             D
She told George that changing diapers could sure become a drag
and to clean the house and cook for him was not her kind of bag
     D                                G              D
she said he needed someone who would love and understand
     G        D                  A7            D  G D
and then she left him with that bottle in his hand

(repeat the chorus and upon outro)
G             D                A7              G      D
Yes we'll be thankful for this bottle in our hand

(For the second verse, there’s a key change. The easy way to accomplish this is to
move the capo up to the 5th fret. This version IS correct! Play along with George
and Allen and see!)
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