The Ride chords with lyrics by David Allen Coe - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

David Allen Coe – The Ride chords

Tim McGraw adds this to the end of "Real Good Man' sometimes.
Let chords ring with repeated lines in chorus.
I like to carry the last 'ride' in final chorus through the chord progression D C G D

DI was thumbing my way back from Montgomery
Fwith my guitar on my back
Gwhen a man pulled up beside me
Din an antique Cadillac
DHe was dressed like 1950
Fhalf drunk and hollowed eyed
Gsaid its a long walk back to Nashville
Dwould you like a ride son
DSo I jumped into the front seat
Fand he turned on the radio
Gand the sad songs coming out those speakers
Dwas a solid country gold
DWell I noticed the stranger was a ghost white pale
Fwhen he asked me for a light
Gthen I knew there was something strange
D about this ride
CHe said mister can you make folks
Gcry when you play and
Dhave you paid your dues
can you moan the blues
Acan you bend those guitar strings
CAnd son can you make folks
Gfeel what you feel
Ccuz if your big star bound
Glet me warn you its a
Dlong hard ride
C (one stroke) if your big star bound G (one stroke) let me warn you its a
Dlong hard ride
D C G D verse 2
DWell he cried just south of Nashville
Fand he turned that car around
Gsaid this is where you get out boy
Dcuz i'm heading on back to alabam
DSo I jumped outa that ole Cadillac
Fand said mister many thanks
Ghe said you don't have to call mister, mister
Dthe whole world calls me HANK
Chorus repeat last line of chorus a third time (first tab posted...feel free to embellish or criticize)
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