David Archuleta – You Can chords

capo:1 (play in G)

Verse 1
G G/F# take me where I've never been
Cadd9help me on my feet again
Em7 A7sus A7show me that good things come to those who wait
G G/F# tell me I'm not on my own
Cadd9tell me i wont't be alone
Em7 A7sus A7tell me what I'm feeling isn't some mistake
Cadd9 Dsus4 D (let it ring)cause if anyone can make me fall in love...
G G/F#you can
Cadd9 Em7 Gsave me from my self you can
Cadd9and it's you and no one else
G G/F#if i could wish upon tomorrow
Cadd9tonight would never end
Em7if asked me i would follow
A7sus A7but for now ill just pretend
Cadd9 Dsus4 Dif anyone could make me fall in love
Gyou can
Verse 2 baby when you look at me tell me what do you see are these the eyes of someone you could love cause everything that brought me here well now it all seems so clear baby your the one iv been dreaming of if anyone could make me fall in love you can Repete Chorus Bridge
Em7 Cadd9 G Dsus4only you can take me sailing in your deepest eyes
Em7 Cadd9 G Dsus4 bring me to my knees and make me cry
G Cadd9oh no ones ever done this
Em7 Dsus4everything was just a lie
F Cadd9 Dsus4 D(let ring)and i know, yes i know...
*play soft
G G/F# this is where it all begins
Cadd9so tell me it will never end
Em7 Dsus4(louder)i can't fool myself It's you and no one else
G G/F#if I could wish upon tomorrow
Cadd9Tonight would never end
Em7If you asked me I would follow
A7Sus4 A7But for now I'll just pretend
Cadd9 Dsus4 DIf anyone can make me fall in love...
Gyou can
Em7 A7sus4 Show me that good things
A7 Dsus4come To those who wait
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