David Ball - Riding With Private Malone chords version 1

The chords for this song have already been posted, and in the older version the 
chords for the refrain were correct.  However, that version's verse chords were 
either over-simplified or incorrect.  This version of the song includes those 
refrain chords, but corrects the chords for the verses, at least as best as I can tell.

This is a beginner's interpretation of the song, but I think it sounds better than 
the version played in the key of E.  

I think there are some minor variations in the later verses, probably sharps, but 
I can't find them.  If anyone out there has improvements to these chords, please 
submit them, this is a great song. 

G C GI was just out of the service thumbin' through the classifieds
G C GWhen an ad that said old Chevy somehow caught my eye
G C GThe Lady didn't know the year or even if it ran
C D Gbut I had that thousand dollars in my hand.
G D C GIt was way back in the corner of this old ramshackle barn
G C G With thirty years of dust and dirt on that green army tarp
D Cand when I pulled the cover off, It took away my breath
G C D Gwhat she called a Chevy was a '66 Corvette.
C D G CAnd I felt a little guilty as I counted out the bills
G C D Cbut what a thrill I got, when I sat behind the wheel.
G D C GI opened up the glove box and thatís when I found the note
C D C GThe date was 1966 this is what he wrote:
G D C DHe said my name is Private Andrew Malone
G D C Dand if youíre reading this then I didn't make it home
G D C DBut for every dream thatís shattered, another one comes true
C Dthis car was once a dream of mine, now it belongs to you
G D C Dand though you may take her and make her your own
G D C D GYou'll always be rid-ing with Private Malone.
Second Verse: Well it didn't take me long at all, I had her runnin' good I loved to hear those horses thunder underneath her hood I had her shining like a diamond and I'd put the rag top down All the pretty girls would stop and stare as I drove her through town. The buttons on the radio didn't seem to work quite right but it picked up that oldies show especially late at night I'd get the feeling sometimes if I turned real quick I'd see A soldier riding shotgun in the seat right next to me. Third Verse (no first half): Well one night it was raining hard I took the curb too fast I still don't remember much about that firey crash But someone said they thought they saw a soldier pull me out They didn't get his name, but I know without a doubt
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