David Bazan - In Stitches chords

Hey all,
This is a really simple, really beautiful song to play. As in most Bazan songs, it's 
more by lyrics and vocal melody than by the guitar itself.  These lyrics are a little sad 
me as a Christian to hear, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

The song uses the following chords in the following order for its entirety:

C  Em  Gm* Dm

During the verse:

CMy body bangs and twitches
EmSome brown liquor whets my tongue
GmMy fingers find the stitches
DmFirmly back and forth they run
CI need no other memory
EmOf the bits of me I left
GmWhen all this lethal drinking
Dm C Em Gm* DmIs to hopefully forget about You
I might as well admit it Like I even have a choice The crew have killed the captain But they still can hear his voice A shadow on the water A whisper in the wind On long walks with my daughter Who is lately full of questions about You When Job asked you the question, You responde, "Who are you to challenge your Creator?" Well if that one part is true It makes You sound defensive like You had not thought it through enough to have an answer like you might have bit off more than you could chew *The Gm can be barred during the verses as regular or you can use the Gm*; during the You.." part, Bazan does a pull off on the Gm and Dm that requires a unique Gm fingering Gm*: 3x0331 (from string 6 E to string 1 E) For both the Gm* and the Dm do a very simple 1p0 (that is, a pull off from 1 to 0) on first string. You can listen for the right rhythm and strumming. And there it is. Enjoy.
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