David Bowie - Andy Warhol tab

David Bowie - Andy Warhol
I didnt know waht the chords were called so heres the key...

A        X02220
G        320003
Em*      079900
C/B      X22010
C        332010
D*       057700
Am7      X02010
Cmaj7    035500
D        XX0232
Em       022000

INTRO:  Em*  D*  Cmaj7  D*  Em*  D*  Cmaj7  D*

Like to take a cement fix
Be a standing cinema
                    C            C/B
Dress my friends up just for show
A           Em             C  D
See Them as they really are
Put a peep hole in my brain
Two new pence to have a go
                   C  C/B
I'd like to be a gallery
A             Em           C  D
Put you all inside my show

D    A      Em      C
Andy Warhol looks a scream
A        C     G   A
Hang him on my wall
D    A      Em     C
Andy Warhol silver screen
      A          C       G   Am7  A
Can't tell them apart at all


Em*                                        A
Andy walking Andy tired Andy take a little snooze
                     C     C/B
Tie him up when he's fast asleep
A             Em              C  D
Send him on a pleasant cruise
When you wake up on the sea
Be sure to think of me and you
He'll think about paint and he'll think about glue
C/B    A            Em          C  D
What a jolly boring thing to do

CHORUS 2 + 3


-----------------------------------------INTRO: The main intro riff: Em D Cmaj7 D E------------------------| B------------------------| G------------------------| D----------245-----------| A--------02---3-----20---| E-0000023-------------32-|
Outro: You'll have to get the strumming and timing yourself:
E-0--0---0--0---0--0---0--0---0---0---0--0-| B-0--0---0--0---0--0---0--0---0---0---0--0-| G-9--10--8--10--8--10--8--10--12--10--8--9-| D-9--10--8--10--8--10--8--10--12--10--8--9-| A-7--8---6--8---6--8---6--8---10--8---6--7-| E-0--0---0--0---0--0---0--0---0---0---0--0-|
Thats basically it. Any comments youlookverynice@hotmail.com. HY.
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