David Bowie - Dead Man Walking Acoustic tab

This is an acoustic version of David Bowie's dance/rock track from his album Earthling.  
a video of him playing it on Conan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n22ImOPXOnw

Tuned down one step.

|F|"|G|"| 4X
Alternate lifting the finger off of the low E string.  listen to the recording to get 

Verse (Basically repeat the intro but without lifting off from the low E):
He swivels his head
Tears his eyes from the screen
As his past puts him back in Atlantic City

There's not even a demon in Heaven or Hell
Is it all just human disguise?
As I walk down the aisle

And I'm gone gone gone
Now I'm older than movies
And I know who's there
When silhouettes fall
And I'm gone
Like I'm dancing on angels
        Cm                          Gm
And I'm gone through a crack in the past

Like a dead man walking (repeat intro through this part)
Like a dead man walking

Three old men dancing under the lamplight
Shaking their sex and their bones
And the boys that we were
An alien nation in therapy
Sliding naked and new
Like a bad tempered child
On a rain slicked street

repeat intro 4X
after this, he does a short instrumental section that i don't really know.  i think it's 
a chromatic walk up from F.

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