David Bowie - Rebel Rebel tab version 3

Rebel Rebel-David Bowie That riff D E |----0------------|-------------------||----5---------0.-|0-----0-2p0--------||--------7--6--1.-|1-----------1------||-------(7)-7--2.-|2-------------2-0-let ring|-----------------|hold---------------||-----------------|-------------------|
D E You've got your mother in a whirl She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl Hey babe your hairs alright Hey babe let's go out tonight You like me and I like it all We like dancing and we look divine You love bands when they play it hard You want more and you want it fast A D Bm E They put you down they say I'm wrong You tacky thing you put them on D E Rebel Rebel you've torn you're dress Rebel Rebel you're face is a mess Rebel Rebel how could they know? D (Hold chord) E (hold chord open D note & back to riff) Hot tramp I love you so
The Riff D9 Ee -----------O--------(O)------------------IB ------(3)-----3--2---O-O-----2--O--------IG ------(2)------------1-1-----------1-----ID -------O------------(2)---2-----------2--IA -----------------------------------------IE --(3)------------------------------------I
Bridge A D Bm E They put...say I'm...you tacky...you put... End of chorus D E Hot tramp! I love...
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