David Bowie - Letter To Hermione chords version 1

The way that I have tabbed this is not in the same key as the album version, this 
is just how I play it live since i'm such a crap singer. With the drop box at the 
top you can change the key though, if you want to play it along with the song..

INTRO:  Cmaj7  Am7  Em  Am7  A7

D7 Cmaj7 GThe hand that wrote this letter sweeps the pillow clean
D7 Cmaj7 GSo rest your head and read a treasured dream
Am Cmaj7I care for no one else but you
AmI tear my soul to cease the pain
Em7sus4 I think maybe you feel the same
EmWhat can we do?
Am7 Cmaj7I'm not quite sure what we're supposed to do
A7 Cmaj7 EmSo I've been writing just for you
D7 Cmaj7 GThey say your life is going very well
D7 Cmaj7 GThey say you sparkle like a different girl
Am Cmaj7But something tells me that you hide
AmWhen all the world is warm and tired
Em7sus4 You cry a little in the dark
EmWell so do I
Am7 Cmaj7I'm not quite sure what you're supposed to say
A7 Cmaj7 EmBut I can see it's not okay
D7 Cmaj7 GHe makes you laugh he brings you out in style
D7 Cmaj7 GHe treats you well and makes you up real fine
Am Cmaj7And when he's strong he's strong for you
AmAnd when you kiss it's something new
Em7sus4 But did you ever call my name
EmJust by mistake?
Am7 Cmaj7I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do
A7 Cmaj7 Em So I'll just write some love to you
Cmaj7Do, do, do
EmDo, do, do, do, do
Fdim5/EDo, do, do, do, do, do, do
Fdim5/E 033200
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