David Bowie - Wild Is The Wind chords

Am Dm Love me,love me,love me say you do-
Am Dm Dm7let me fly away with you-
G C for my love is like the wind-
Am E E7 and wild is the wind- wild is the wind-
Am Dm Give me more than one caress-
Am Dm Dm7 satisfy this hungriness- G
C let the wind blow thru your heart-
Am E E7for wild is the wind- wild is the wind-
C Am F Dm You----------touch me- I hear the sound of mandolins-
E You-----------kiss me-
Am Am7/G with your kiss my life begins-
F G F E You're Spring to me- all things to me-
AmDon't you know, you're life itself---------
Am Dm Like the leaf clings to the tree-
Dm Dm7 Oh, my darling, cling to me-
C for we're live creatures in the wind-
Am E E7And wild is the wind- wild is the wind-
(repeat chorus, then last verse)
Am Am7/G And wild is the wind-- wild is the wind----
Dm F Gwild is the wind------ wild is the wind------
E7 Amwild-------------------- is the wind-----------------
Am Am7/G F Dm G E7- to fade.
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