David Bowie – Life On Mars chords ver. 3

These took a long time to transcribe, and I feel they are most suitably played on 
guitar with a capo. I replaced the non-harmonic bass tones with
7th chords to make it easier to play on guitar. It's verse, chorus, bridge, verse, 
chorus, outro. These are some extremely creative chords, so there may be a 
dominant 7th in place of a diminished in some places.

Capo on 3rd fret

D DM7 D7It's a god-awful small affair
B7 EmTo the girl with the mousy hair
Em7 ABut her mummy is yelling "No"
A7 DAnd her daddy has told her to go
DM7 D7But her friend is nowhere to be seen
B7 EmNow she walks through her sunken dream
Em7 ATo the seat with the clearest view
A7 CAnd she's hooked to the silver screen
A7 DmBut the film is a saddening bore
Eb BbFor she's lived it ten times or more
D7 GmShe could spit in the eyes of fools
Bb7As they ask her to focus on
G CSailors fighting in the dance hall
Em Eb+ D DmOh man! Look at those cavemen go
Am CmIt's the freakiest show
GTake a look at the Lawman
CBeating up the wrong guy
Em Eb+ D DmOh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
Am CmHe's in the best selling show
Em Em7 A A7Is there life on Mars?
[Bridge] D B7 Em Abdim7 Gbm G Gm [Outro] D B7 Em G D D C Cm G
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