David Bowie – Little Bombadier tab

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Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 22:33:46 -0800 (PST)
From: toomey 
Subject: CRD: b/bowie_david/little_bombradier.crd

I am going through my collection of Bowie songs (i.e. Every one in
existence) and putting them all down.  If anyone wants one in particular,
e-mail me and I'll do it next. (toomey@sos.net)

This little ditty is off of my "London Boy" compilation (a nice 18 song
import album, a good purchase for any Bowie fan).  It's called "Little

Bm  Cm  C  D  G

G              Em       C      D      G
War made him a soldier, little Franky Mear
G                Em         C      D     G
Peace left him a loser, the little bombradier.
Em             C                  D                    G
Lines of worry appeared with age, unskilled hands that knew no trade
Bm                  Cm                    C      D     G    (C  Cm  G)
Spent his time in a picture(?) house, the little bombradier.

G                Em         C      D       G
Franky drank his money, the little that he made
G                Em      C          D      G
Told his woes to no man, friendless lonely days.
Em                  C     D                     G
Then one day in the ABC,  four small eyes gazed longingly
Bm               Cm                 C      D     G
At the ice cream in the hand of the little bombradier.

Dm  A  Dm  A

Dm                   A
Sunshine entered our Franky's days
Dm                   A
Gone his sorrows his hopeless maze
    Bb                   D                 A
His life was fun and his heart was full of joy
Dm                     A
Two young children had changed his his aims,
Dm                        A
He bought the toffees and played their games
   Bb                        D             A
He bought them presents with every coin he made.

G  Em  C D G    G  Em  C D G   Em  C  D  G  Bm  Cm  C D G

G                  Em             C         D       G
Then two gentlemen called on him, asked him for his name
G                           Em        C         D      G
Why was he friends with the children, were they just a game
Em                  C                     D                           G
Leave them alone or we'll get sore, we've had blokes like you in this nation
    Bm                Cm                    C      D     G
The hand of authority said "no more" to the little bombradier.
Em                   C              D                G
Packed his bags, his heart in pain, wiped a tear and caught a train
Bm                     Cm              C      D     G
Not to be seen in this town again, the little bombradier.

There are a few chords at the end that I can't figure out because everyone
is asleep in my house so I can't use the piano to figure out all those
suspensions and augmentations, or whatever they turn out to be.  Will send
the correction as soon as I work it out.
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