David Bowie - Cracked Actor tab

Cracked Actor-David Bowie

|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|----0.-------0.---(x2)-then-play this twice last time end with B-----------|----1.-------1.--1---------------------------------------------------------|2---2.---2-2-2.--2----------------2-------------3-------------5-----------5|2--------2-2-----2----2-2-4---2---2-3-3-5---3---3-5---7---5---5-5-5-7---5-5|0--------0-0-----0----0-0-0---0-----1-1-1---1-----3---3---3-----3-3-3---3-- (B)I've come
|F |Am | on a few years from my Hollywood Highs The |E |D | best of the last, the cleanest star they ever had I'm |F |Am | stiff on my legend the films that I made For- |E | | -get that I'm fifty cause you just got paid (The A and the F#7 in the chorus have suspends first and pulled off) |Bm |A | Crack, baby, crack show me your real |G |F#7 | Smack, baby, smack is that all that you feel |Bm |A | Suck, baby, suck give me your head |G |F#7 | Before you start professing ... knocking me dead |E (as in intro) oh stay
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