David Bowie – John Im Only Dancing tab

John, I'm Only Dancing

INTRO:  G  C9...repeated

    G C9      G      C9   G    C9     G        C9  G
Well, Annie's pretty neat, she always eats her meat
C9     G     C9      G        C9        G          C9
Joe is awful strong, bet your life he's putting us on
C               C/B Am         C
Oh lordy, oh lordy, you know I need some loving
G  C9..repeated
I'm moving, touch me

John, I'm only dancing
She turns me on, but I'm only dancing
             F                G
She turns me on, don't get me wrong
I'm only dancing

G  C9...repeated

   G      C9       G         C9     G        C9   G         C9
Oh shadow love was quick and clean, life's a well-thumbed machine
  G       C9       G        C9             G    C9       G    C9
I saw you watching from the stairs, you're everyone that ever cared
C               C/B Am         C
Oh lordy, oh lordy, you know I need some loving
G  C9...repeated
I'm moving, touch me


LAST TWO CHORDS:  A  G (with toggle switch)

-----------------------------------------VERSES: Behind the strumming acoustic there is an electric: G C Am C GE---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-4-4----4-4----4-4----4-4-----5-5-----5------5----4-4----4-4----4-4----4-4-|D-5-5----5-5----5-5----5-5-4/5-5-5-4/5-5------5----5-5----5-5----5-5----5-5-|A-4/5----4/5----4/5----4/5----2/3-----2/3---320--3-4/5----4/5----4/5----4/5-|E-2/3----2/3----2/3----2/3-------------------------2/3----2/3----2/3----2/3-|
CHORUS: Em E F G E-7---7-7-12---12---12---12---12---12---12---12----| B-8---8-9---15B--15B--15B--15B--15B--15B--15B--15B-| G-9-9-9-9------------------------------------------| D--------------------------------------------------| A--------------------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------------------|
Then another guitar joins and they play two different melodies: A E----------------------------------| B-----------12-14-15-12-12---------| G---11-12-14-----------------------| D-14-------------------------------| A----------------------------------| E----------------------------------|
A E-12-------------------------------| B-----------------17B17-15-14-12---| G-------------------------------14-| D----------------------------------| A----------------------------------| E----------------------------------|
PRE 2nc CHORUS: Just before the second chorus there is a little subtlebackground lick just after the words 'touch me': G E-330--------------| B----30------------| G------4P2P0-4P2P0-| D------------------| A------------------| E------------------|
LAST 2 CHORDS: The last two chords of the song are 'A' to 'G'. The effect at the end is achieved by using a Les Paul style guitar and turning the top volume, for the neck pickup, off and then whilst holding the G flicking the toggle switch quickly. It helps if you stand next to a loud amp aswell, because then you get the feedback starting to creep in!!!
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