David Byrne - Glass Concrete Stone tab

Album: Grown Backwards
Year: 2004

Intro and Verse:4x: G (4x) D (2x) + + + + + + + + e|---------9-------||--------10-------|H|-----8-------8---||-----7-----7-----|G|---7---7---7---7-||---7---7-----9-7-|D|-9---------------||-7---------------|A|-----------------||-----------------|E|-----------------||-----------------|
Chorus and as Solo/Outro:2x: A Gm D D + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e|--------12-------|--------10-------|--------10-------|--------10-------|H|----10------10---|----11------11---|-----7-----7-----|-----7-----7-----|G|---9---9---9---9-|--12--12--12--12-|---7---7-----9-7-|---7---7-----9-7-|D|11---------------|12---------------|-7---------------|-7---------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Intro Verse: G Now I'm wakin' at the crack of dawn D to send a little money home from here G to the moon is risin' like a discotheque D and now my bags are down and packed for traveling G Lookin' at happiness keepin' my flavor fresh nobody knows I guess D How far I'll go, I know G so I'm leavin' at Six O' Clock meet in a parkin' lot Harriet Hendershot D Sunglasses on, she waits by this Chorus: A Gm D Glass and concrete and stone A Gm D It is just a house, not a home Verse: G Skin that covers me from head to toe D except a couple tiny holes and openings G where, the city's blowin' in and out D this is what it's all about, delightfully G Everything's possible when you're an animal not inconceivable D How things can change, I know G So I'm puttin' on aftershave nothin' is out of place gonna be on my way D Try to pretend, it's not only Chorus: A Gm D Glass and concrete and stone That it's just a house, not a home Solo Chorus: And itís glass and concrete and stone It is just a house, not a home Chorus: And my head is fifty feet high Let my body and soul be my guide Outro
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