David Choi – Something To Believe chords

I made this tab from a bunch of Youtube Videos and with the hope that someone else 
will make better tabs, so feel free to critique.
Watching the videos will help too btw.

Chords Used:

E |-------------------3---3----------------------------|B |--1---3----1-------3---3----------------------------|G |-----------------------2----------------------------|D |--2---3----2-----------3----------------------------|A |--3---2------------2--------------------------------|E |--x---x----x---3---3--------------------------------|
C G Am7 G F I use that weird F in the chorus and a regular barchord F in the verse Intro C-G-Am-G-F-G Verse 1
C G AmToss and turning around
G FHearing life's crazy sounds
GOutside my window
C G AmI'm gonna stay here in bed
G FCovers over my head
GI feel so tired
Prechorus 1
Em The world can wait for me
Am'Cause the past few nights, I couldn't sleep
F'Cause I've been thinking about you lately
GDriving myself so crazy
C EmPlease come back
AmI want you here
FRight by my side
C EmOh, please come back
Am F COh, girl, I need something to believe
Em Am FSomething to believe
Verse 2
C G AmIf I only knew
G FHow to reach you
GI'd grab your hand and...
C G Amtake you where you belong
G FHere inside my arms
GHold you close, that's what I'd do
Prechorus 2
EmI'll just wait for you
AmAnd you could maybe make my dreams come true
FOh, I've been thinking about you lately
GThe thought of you makes me crazy
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