David Choi - You Can Win chords

Verse 1
GYou can win this fight
emYou don't have to listen
CTo anything I say
cmThere's nothing I could do
GYou take my breath away
emAnd all that I believe in
C cmI'm slowly drowning here with you
Verse 2
GI tell you that I'm here
emAnd I tell you what I feel
CBut I feel you're so far
cmAnd I don't know where you are
GYou tell me what you think
emYou tell me that you're trying
CI want to believe you are
amI want to believe you are
G em CAnd I won't say you're wrong
[Repeat Verse 1] Verse 3 Everything I hide Is held inside your chest With every single heartbeat My picture fades to gray I belong to you I made you that promise It's all because of you I only say the things I do And I won't say you're wrong [Repeat Verse 1] Verse 4
emYou can win this fight
GTake it so it's done
CAgain I'll put aside my pride
I can only do so much [Repeat Verse 1] Any correction would be appreciated
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