David Choi – Lucky Guy chords ver. 2

This is EXACTLY just like the song. David Choi is a very talented musician and get 
to learn some more of his music! Have fun! ^_^

G#m* = 4X4400
F#m  = 2X2200
Adim = 6X665X
A*   = 577655
Am7* = 577555

E         F#m  G#m          Bsus      E

It's been so long since I've met someone

A Adim BThat makes me feel this way
E F#m G#m* Bsus EMakes me smile, and that's hard to do
A G#m* F#m BsusI don't think it's something you realize you do
G#m C#m You make me feel
G#m C#mLike I'm the only guy
B A BWith you in the world
EBut we can't be together
BCan't really be friends
AWe can't be lovers
G#m* And we can't pretend
G# C#mOh that boy in your life
ABetter make you his wife
E BAnd he better believe he's a lucky guy
Instumental : A B You wanted a song well here's one for you Nobody will know except for us two Don't ask me about it Cuz I won't tell the truth Just know that there's someone Thinking of you Prechorus 2: You make me feel Something I wish wasn't real at all Chorus Instrumental: A B
Adim A* Am7* You were never mine to begin with...
So we can't be together Can't really be friends We can't be lovers And we can't pretend Oh that boy in your life Better make you his wife And he better believe he's a lucky guy
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