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David Cook – Declaration tab

David Cook - Declaration

Album: David Cook (2008)
Tabbed by: Rambust (
Tuning: Standard and Capo 3 (adjust if necessary)
Comments: Everything is relative to the capo.  When playing F, leave open the high e 
 I’m also tabbing on acoustic.  If you have electric, power chords and effects may sound 
in some places.

Verse 1
Am             C               F
I'll take you just the way you are
Am         C               F          G
imperfect words inside the perfect song
Am         C               F
I feel you closer than you are
           G/B            F
I've been waiting far too long
too long

Chorus 1
        Am    C
It's my declaration
     G          F
to anyone whose listening
          Am    C
you're my inspiration
      G            F
as I stand alone against the world
Cause you love
Can you bleed
cause you stole my soul
and set me free
        Am   F
it's my declaration

Verse 2
Do you care what I believe
Or that I wear a heart upon my sleeve
sometimes I think you never knew
the only truth I see is you
It's you

Chorus 1

F            Am            G
And are there any words to say
             Em        F
that I would ever mean enough
         Am                  G
When the light runs from the day
         Em              F
Will the darkness be too much
Will I ever be enough

Chorus 1

        Am     C
It's my declaration
   G               F
so tell me you can hear
             Am      C      G      F
these words tonight
        Am   C      F      Am
It's my declaratioooooooon
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