David Crosby - Music Is Love tab

			     Music Is Love - David Crosby
Tabbed by: Michael L.
Email: Jhendrix0927@aol.com

Tuning: D A D G B D 

All the strings are tuned down one half step in the actual recording, so tune it
down to Db Ab Db Gb Bb Db if you want to play along with it.

D Dsus2 D2 C6 G5/D d|---0--------2---------4-------0-------0--------------------------------------|B|---3--------3---------3-------1-------0--------------------------------------|G|---2--------2---------2-------0-------0--------------------------------------|D|---0--------0---------0-------2-------0--------------------------------------|A|---0--------0---------0-------3-------2--------------------------------------|D|---0--------0---------0-------x-------x--------------------------------------|
RIFF: D Dsus2 D2 D2 D Dsus2 D2 D2 D Dsus2 D2 D2 Dsus2 D5 C6 G5/D Play the riff throughout the entire song, except the ending, which I haven't figured out yet. Enjoy!
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