David Crowder Band - All Around Me chords

This is my first tab, but I listen to this song ALL THE TIME so I hope you like it...

Intro: Em G Cmaj7 Em G Cmaj7

Verse 1:

Em GMy hands are searching for You
Cmaj7My arms are outstretched towards You
Em GI feel You on my fingertips
Cmaj7 Em G Cmaj7My tongue dances behind my lips for You
Em GThis fire rising through my being
Cmaj7 Em G Cmaj7Burning I'm not used to seeing You
Bm Cmaj7 D I'm alive
Bm Cmaj7 D Cmaj7 I'm alive
Em GI can feel You all around me
Cmaj7Thickening the air I'm breathing
Em GHolding onto what I'm feeling
D Cmaj7Savoring this heart that's healing
Verse 2:
Em GMy hands float up above me
Cmaj7And You whisper You love me
Em GAnd I begin to fade
Cmaj7Into our secret place
Em GThe music makes me sway
Cmaj7The angels singing say
Em GWe are alone with You
Cmaj7I am alone and they are too,
With You Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge 1:
Em G Cmaj7And so I cry
Em G Cmaj7The light is white
Em G Cmaj7And I see You
Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge 2:
EmTake my heart I give it to You
GNow You own me all I am
Cmaj7You said You would never leave my I believe you, I believe
Chorus Hold Cmaj7 at the end
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