David Crowder Band – Like A Lion chords

this is my first tab...chord thing..to my knowledge no one has actually tabbed this yet. 
is off of the Passion 2010 Awakening album. When playing next to the recording it 
right. But Crowder probably plays a more complicated way.

Like a Lion
written by Daniel Bashta

Capo 4 (chords relative to capo)
Intro: G,D x2

Am GLet love explode and bring the dead to life
AmA love so bold
G (em?)To see a revolution somehow.
Am GLet love explode and bring the dead to life
AmA love so bold
GTo bring a revolution somehow
Pre- chorus
D emNow I'm lost in your freedom
D emThis world I'll overcome.
Chorus: x4 (stop playing for first half of chorus on the first time through it)
DMy God is not dead
DHe's surely alive
emHe's living on the inside
emRoaring like a lion
Intro chords (G,D) Verse 2: x2
Am GLet hope arise and make the darkness hide
AmMy faith is dead
G (D?)I need a resurrection somehow
Chorus: (same way as before) Intro Bridge:
G DLet Heaven roar and fire fall
emcome shake the ground
Amwith the sound of revival
(repeat however long he does i lost track) chorus intro end! let me know if its ok. I'm really excited to see if i did it alright. any thing in () is i tried and wasn't sure if it fit. i'll let you be the judge Peace!
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