David Crowder Band - Oh Happiness chords

Oh, Happiness - DC*B

Capo 2

G | C | Em | D (barr)


Oh, happiness
There's grace 
enough for us
And the whole human race

Verse 1:

G CFriend or foe
G Stranger or kin
DAll who come
EBegin again
CHard or frail
G Rich or poor
DAll in need
ENeed fear no more
C (D)Such a thing to give away
Verse 2:
G CAll regrets
GLet go, forget
DThere's something that
EMends all of it
C From the full stream
Gof all You are
Dis redeeming blood
Ethat restores our hearts
C (D)Such a thing to give away
C GSound the church bells
ELet them ring
DLet them ring
C GFor everything can be redeemed
EWe can be redeemed
DOh, all of us
Strange post-bridge:
G COh, Happiness
Ethere's grace
enough for us
Dand the whole human race
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