David Crowder Band - Youre Everything chords version 1

Youre Everything by David Crowder

A   D   A/C#  D

Verse 1
A D A/C# D You're everything I could want that I could need
A D A/C# D If I could see you want me could I believe?
A D A/C# D 'Cause You're perfectly all I want, all I need
A D A/C# D If I could just feel you're touch could I be free?
A/C# D Why do You shine so? Can a blind man see?
A/C# A DWhy do You call? Why do You beckon me?
A Bm Can the dear hear the voice of love?
A/C# DWould You have me come? Can the cripple run? Are You the one?
Chorus (2x)
A A/C# To raise me up from this grave
DTouch my tongue and then I'll sing
A A/C# D Heal my limbs then joyfully I'll run to You
Verse 2
A D A/C# DYouíre everything I could want that I can need
A D A/C# DAnd I can just feel your touch and I canít breathe
A/C# DLook how you shine, so the blind can see
A/C# DAnd how you call, how you beckon me,
A BmThe deaf hear, the voice of love
A/C#You bid me come, and the cripple run,
DOh youíre the one to
(Chorus) Ending
A A/C# D 'Cause You're everything (4x)
A D A/C# And I'm alive and I'll sing
D AI'm alive and I'm free (6x)
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