David Crowder Band – Here Is Our King chords ver. 2

E Here is our King
A2Here is our Love
C#m Bsus EHere is our God who's come to bring us back to him
A2He is the one,
C#m BsusHe is Jesus
(verse 1)
E A2 C#m BsusFrom wherever spring arrives to heal the ground
E A2 C#m BsusFrom where ever searching comes to look itself
E A2 C#m BsusA trace of what we're looking for so be quiet now,
E A2 C#m Bsus and wait
Bsus A2The ocean is growing
Bsus A2The tide is coming in
A2Here it is:
(Chorus 2x) (verse 2)
E A2 C#m Bsus And what was said unto the rose to make it unfold
E A2 C#m Bsus Was said to me, here in my chest So be quiet now,
E A2 C#m Bsus and rest.
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