David Crowder Band – How He Loves Acoustic chords ver. 2

CHe is jelouse for me
AmLoves like a hurricane i am a tree
Gbending beneath the weight of his wind
Fand mercy
CWhen all of a sudden i am un aware these
AmAflictions eclipsed by glory
GAnd i realize jus how beautiful you are and
FHow great your affections are for me
C Amohh how he loves us so
Ohh how he loves us
G FHow he loves us so
C Am G F X3
CYeah he loves us
AmOhh how he loves us
GOhh how he loves us
FHow he loves us so
CAnd we are his portion and he is our prize
AmDrawn to redemption by the grace n his eyes
GIf grace was and ocean
FWe're all sinking
CAnd heaven meets earth like an all forseen kiss
AmAnd my heart turns violently in side of my chest
GI don't have time to maintain these regrets when i think about
FThe way
CThat he loves us ohh how he loves us
AmOh how he loves us
GOh how he loves us
FOh how he loves
CYeah he loves us Ohh how he loves us
AmOh how he loves us
GOhh how he loves us
FOhh how he loves.
C Am G F X2 until end on C Extra tips. When playing the G chord strum the bass string then skip to the bottom three and stun all strings when going back up. When playing the C chord strait on the 2nd top string and then have a slight pause and then strum the rest of the strings. When playing the Am chord only us the bottom 4 strings hit the 4th string after the bottom three strings. When playing the F chord do not bridge the whole top fret only cover the 2nd string in the first fret, like when playing the C chord, and start with the 3rd and 4th string alternating which one you start with every other time you strum.
When you get to the last part of the song go C Am G F C Am G F and then hit the bass string of the C chord and pause hen stun the rest of the chord.
Submited By Seth Olthof
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