David Crowder Band – Heres My Heart chords

Here’s my Heart
David Crowder
Capo 4 (5 for halfstep)
Key of B

Em C GHere's my heart Lord,
Em C Ghere's my heart Lord
Em C GHere's my heart Lord,
Em C GSpeak what is true
CI am found, I am Yours
Em DI am loved, I'm made pure
CI have life, I can breathe
Em DI am healed, I am free
CYou are strong, You are sure
Em DYou are life, You endure
CYou are good, always true
Em DYou are light breaking through
C AmYou are more than enough
G DYou are here, You are love
C AmYou are hope, You are grace
G DYou're all I have, You're everything
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