David Crowder Band - A Beatiful Collision tab

Em                          C                      Em                    C
The heart breaking makes a sound I never knew could be so beautiful and loud 
                Em    C    Em                  C                 Em
fury filled and we collide.So courageous until now,fumbling and scared.
So afraid You'll find me out,alone here with my doubt.

G        D/f#                           Em       C         
Here it comes a beautiful collision is happening know
 G             D/F#       Em         C                       Em         C
There seems no end to where You begin and there I am know You and I collide.

verse 2

Em                  C                      Em                C
Something circling inside,spaciously you fly,infinite and wide,like the moon
   Em      C
and sky collide

repeat chorus


Em             C
Here it comes now
Em            C
Here it comes now

capo 3
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