David Crowder Band - You Are My Joy tab

I've seen a few of these that aren't quite right or just don't have the "solo" in it, so
 This is what I play at my church for our praise band and it works, so here goes. PS-
will normally want to palm mute almost everything or just play the lower notes of the 
you play the entire chord with distortion it will sound very muddy and start to
very sloppy.

			     YOU ARE MY JOY - David Crowder
Tabbed by:Insanomanthe3rd

Tuning:standard, key of G#m

G#m E D#5 F# D#m B F#/A# D#dim/A A#e|-------0----------2-----2------2----2------2--------1---------------------|B|-4-----0---4------2-----4------4----2------4--------3---------------------|G|-4-----1---3------3-----3------4----3------2--------3---------------------|D|-6-----2---1------4-----1------4----4------1--------3---------------------|A|-6-----2----------4------------2----1---------------1---------------------|E|-4-----0----------2-------------------------------------------------------|
here's the solo, which happens during the bridge, or the "la's" if you know what i mean. repeat each pull-off section 8 times
e|--19p17p14 eight times--18p16p13 eight times------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------*----|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------*----|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: G#m And he set me on fire, and I am burning alive, E With his breath in my lungs, I am coming undone. Pre-Chorus 1: D#5 And I cannot hold it in, G#m F# E And remain composed. D#m G#m F# Love's taken over me, and so I propose, E B The letting myself go, I am letting myself go. Chorus: E You are my joy, You are my joy, B F#/A# You are my joy, You are my joy. Chorus Ending: E I need to catch my breath, I need to, B I need to catch my breath, Give me a moment, now. Bridge: "La's" chord progression for rhythm is: B - D#m/A - A# over and over again. Pre-Chorus 2: E You are my joy, You are my joy, B F#m/A# You are my joy, You are my joy. Ending: E I'm laughin' so hard, and I'm laughin' so hard, B And I'm laughin' so hard. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ============================================================================
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