David Crowder Band - Surely We Can Change tab

David Crowder Band
Surely We Can Change
Tabbed by: Lowrey

Not 100% correct but better than anything else out there... for now

Standard Tuning - Capo 1st Fret OR Tune down 1/2 step - Capo 2nd Fret

Intro/Verse (lyrics: "And the problem is this...")

Bridge (lyrics: "And I don't know...")
("What to do with a love like that..."/ "How to be in love like that...")
Chorus (lyrics: When all the love in the world...") F C Chorus ("Surely we can change...") G F *Back to Intro* Bridge/Closing is just as F with hammering on the G string on and off. listen and you hear it. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to correct.
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