David Dondero – The Stars Are My Chandelier tab

Tab of live performance. The 'swipe' is just an upstroke of the bottom strings,
just keep up the beat and wing it.

Capo 1

Esus4 E Em E Esus4 Em x2
E Esus4 Em
E Esus4 Em
E Esus4 E Em E

i love her more than he could ever even hope for
love her twice as much as all of there is and more
i could say my love is bigger than the big apple
like oxyphenbutazone in scrabble

F             Bb          Fsus4  F
just like the stars are my chandelier
just like these landscapes are my living room
just like the highways are veins
i am the blood, i am the rain

saw the stars align in twentyseven straight rows
saw the trees becoming lovers in the shadows
heard the crickets overpowered every radio
heard the sound of the silence
kill my ego, kill your ego, kill all ego

and all these stars were our chandelier
and all these landscapes were our living rooms
and all the highways are veins
we are the blood, we are the rain

and you, you're heaven to hold
we'll never get old
you're heaven to hold
honey, you're heaven to hold
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