David Dondero - Ode To A 1973 Chevy Open Road tab

e |------------------------3-|B |----------------1-------1-|G |----------0h2p0-2-----0-0-|D |------0h2-------3-0h2---2-|A |--0h3-----------3-------3-| or just the C note right here, not sureE |--------------------------|
or it's just how it's played when it slows
e |------------------------|B |----------------1-------|G |----------0h2p0-2-------|D |------0h2-------3-0h2---|A |--0h3-----------3-------| with a C sometimes strummed at the endE |------------------------|
I play my C's with my pinky on the third fret on the high e, you don't have to my play that way if you don't want to. some parts of the songs it's just strumming C to F and back to C
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