David Dondero - Pre-invasion Jitters tab

I took these chords from the other tab, I just added lyrics and placement so its easier to read and play:

Joined the army for money for college
Now Iím trading bullets for knowledge
Isnít quite what I bargained for
They didnít tell me there would be no war
Thought of the adventure, I thought it would be cool
I could see the whole world and go back to school
But for three months Iíve been on this ship
Staring at the water what a lame ass trip
When I get the call I got to jump in a copter
Fly into the desert, join into a slaughter
But you know Iím a pacifist
Shooting in the dark at a terrorist
Chorus 1  
           F     G      C
I got those pre-invasion jitters
        F         G       C
Ainít no traitor, ainít no quitter
F         G        C
Canít get into the helicopter
    F              G           C
This ainít like Playstation at all
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