David Ford – Im Alright Now tab

From the Songs for the Road album.

Chords used:

C: x32010
G: 320003
F: 133211
Am: X02210

C                            G
The tide came in and nearly buried us here

            Am                    F
But we saw things like they wouldn’t believe

 F                               C
You hear a lot of stories about love and romance

      G                         F
But I swear nothing quite like you and me

And every scar sits like a marker
Every line on the face is a small souvenir
Of all the places be they good or be they bad
That we stopped into on the journey to here


So maybe I lost my sense of direction

        F   Am   G
But I'm alright now

Every man needs a little affection

         F   Am   G
And I'm alright now

The back to the verse.

Bridge (late in the song):

Am  F  G

Thats it, same chords throughout. Comments welcome.
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