David Gilmour – Cryin Shame tab

Verse Chord Progression (V.C.P.)

- this is played in a bluesy style!(lyrics start here)>Picking up the pieces...... C#m7 B/C# B/C# Ee---4-----4---------------7----0--|----B---5--p--4---------------7----0--|----G---4-----4--------------------1--|----D---6--p--4--------------------2--|----A---4-----4----2/4---4--4------2--|----E------------------------------0--|----
CHorus Chord Progression (C.C.P)
>Don't you know... Bsus2 Ee-----------2-----0-------|B-----------2-----0-------|G-----------4-----1-------| x 2D-----------4-----2-------|A-----------2-----2-------|E--4-4-5-5--------0-------|
Bsus2 Asus2 Ee-----------2-----0----0--|B-----------2-----0----0--|G-----------4-----2----1--| x 1D-----------4-----2----2--|A-----------2-----0----2--|E--4-4-5-5-------------0--|-
Bridge Chord Progression (B.C.P)
>Cry Cru.... E D#m C#m B Ae--7---6---4---2---0---|B--9---7---5---4---2---|G--9---8---6---4---2---| x 2D--9---8---6---4---2---|A--7---6---4---2---0---|E----------------------|* Note on second time thru this progression, Johnny cuts abruptly from B chord to the V.C.P.
Outro Chord Progression (O.C.P.) [E] [A] Lyrics Verse 1 ( play V.C.P.) Picking up the pieces up off the floor How did I know there was gonna be a war Words of sorrow and words of spite Ringing in my head right through the night Chorus (C.C.P.) Don't you know its a cryin shame Well you got yourself to blame Don't you know its a cryin shame oohhhhhh oohhh!! Verse 2 (V.C.P.) Woke up this morning and its raining again Stop and wondered if its somethin I said Words of sorrow and words of spite Ringing in my head right through the night Repeat Chorus (C.C.P.) Bridge (B.C.P.) cry cry cry cryin shame cry cry cry cryin shame Solo - play solo over following progressions using saxophone! V.C.P. C.C.P. B.C.P. Verse 3 (V.C.P) I was up all night with a conscience fight Just couldn't sleep so I put on the light Sheets so wet when I was out in sweat Mommas gotta cure but it ain't in you Repeat Chorus - a couple of times using first section of chord progression before ending chorus and smoothly sliding into the outro This is not perfect as I haven't listened to song in a while but I'll guarantee its pretty bloody close to it! I'd love to see more Johnny Diesel tabbed and put on the olga just quitely! Later! Peter Cridland. "we didn't believe it when were you...and we us' said what we us' are saying right now" - Bill S. Preston Esquire.
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