David Gray - The Rice tab

THE RICE – David Gray
Album: The Ep’s 92-94

Tabbed by guitaristu

Should be pretty much spot on... please comment/rate.

G B7 Em C G B7 Em C 

G B7 Em C G B7 Em C 
The draughts blew cold under the door 
As we threw our clothes on the kitchen floor 
The broccoli boils in a pan on the gas stove where we stand 
Won’t you take this spatula in your hand 

Let the rice burn
It cannot deter my love for you
We have no concern
B7 Em
Under the hem of the night
B7 C
Under the hem of the night

G B7 Em C G B7 Em C 
Out on the roof over the havoc streets 
With the sky a blanket each sweet kiss 
So melodramatic embroidered by shadow 
By the fridge I reminisce


Asus2 B7 Em B7
We staggered a doorway and all of a sudden 
The drum of the rain on the heather hills 
Now everything’s changed and our silence is bitter
Asus2 B7 Em C
And you are all unhinged 

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