David Gray - Be Mine tab

Watched a live version of this song, Played it different, so thought I'd attempt to do 
style of it.
Sounds decent enough, guaranteed to have a few errors, but its good enough that when you
it, it sounds like the song.
So no one would know the difference.
This is how I play it, change it up if you want. Be Original, Ladies like that ;) haha. 
ps. listen to the song for the rhythm/strumming.
You can ever make that your own, when I play songs I like to make my own beat to it,
it faster, slower, weirder.
Its a good time. Enjoy!

capo two


G--D--Em--C--G--D--A----|CmE 3 2 - - 3 2 - 3-|B - 3 - 1 - 3 2 4-|G - 2 - - - 2 2 5-|D - - 2 2 - - 2 5-|A 2 - 2 3 2 - - 3-|E 3 - - - 3 - - 3
Verse Chorus X2 Then there is some "my bodies on fire, im always on fire" and stuff Play it with the Chorus chords. Do that a few times, which ever you feel. Then end it the with the normal "be mine, be mine..." fade out
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