David Gray - Nemesis chords


Capo Ė 2nd Fret

C Ė x35050		C* - 332010
G Ė 35543x		G* - 320003
G/E Ė 05540x	D Ė xx0232
Am Ė x02210		Dsus Ė xx0233
Em Ė 022000

C  G  C  G (x2)

CĎNeath an avalanche
G Soft as moss
C G G/EI am a creeping and intangible sense of loss
C G G/EIím the memory you canít get out your head
C AmBut if I leave you now
Em C* G*Youíll wish you were somewhere else instead
CIím the manta ray
GIím the louse
CI am the photograph
G G/EThey found in your burned out house
C G G/EIím the sound of money washing down the drain
C AmI am the pack of lies
Em C*Baby that keeps you sane
G* DGates of heaven are open wide
C* EmGod help me baby Iím trapped inside
C* AmFeels like Iím buried alive
CIím the bottom line
GOf the joke
CI am ecstasy
G G/EIím spilling like bright egg-yolk
C G G/EIím the thoughts youíre too ashamed to ever share
C AmAnd I am the smell of it
Em C*Youíre trying to wash out of your hair
G* DGates of heaven are open wide
C* EmGod help me baby Iím lost inside
C* D DsusFeels like Iím buried alive
G* DPossibilities limitless
C* EmJust give me something thatís more than this
C* AmOne shot and Iíll never miss
YesÖ C* Em D C* Am Em D
CIím the babe that sleeps
GThrough the blitz
C G G/EI am a sudden and quite unexpected twist
C G G/EI am your one true love who sleeps with someone else
C AmI am your nemesis
Em C* G*Baby Iím life sweet life itself
C G C G G/E (Repeat & Fade)
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