David Gray - Song To The Siren chords version 2

David plays this amazing, moving song Capo 4.  All chords relative. Check out the 
amazing versions on Youtube and David’s own “A Thousand Miles Behind”.

G D Long afloat on shipless oceans
G/C EmI did all my best to smile
G D'Til your singing eyes and fingers
G/C Em Drew me loving to your isle
G And you sang
FSail to me
EmSail to me
GLet me enfold you
EmHere I am
G Here I am
D G/CWaiting to hold you,
G DDid I dream you dreamed about me?
G/C EmWere you hare when i was fox?
G DNow my foolish boat is leaning
G/C EmBroken lovelorn on your rocks,
G For you sing,
F"Touch me not,
Emtouch me not,
Gcome back tomorrow
Em O my heart,
GO my heart
D G/C Gshies from the sorrow"
Instrumental break: verse chords
G DI am puzzled as the newborn child
G/C EmI am troubled at the tide
G DShould I stand amid the breakers?
G/C EmShould I lie with death my bride?
G Hear me sing,
F"Swim to me,
EmSwim to me,
GLet me enfold you
Em G D G/C GHere I am, Here I am, Waiting to hold you"
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