David Gray - Last Boat To America tab

{t:Last Boat To America}
{st:David Gray}

[D]       [Dmaj7]    [X2]

[D]Make me a boat and [Dmaj7]away I'll float
[D] into the stillness of a pure blu[Dmaj7]e sky
[G]There's nothing here to [A]hold me now
[G]And I got no more te[A]ars to cry
[D]Grant me a wish just [Dmaj7]one more kiss
[D]Oh baby kiss me till the d[Dmaj7]aylight's through
[G]These are days of m[A]ake believe
[G]But there ain't nothing [A]any fool can do
[Em]Pin another d[G]ream on me
[D]'Cos the nigh[Bm]t is bearin[E]g down
[Em]Baby l[G]et's go walk  aw[A]ay [G]this time[D]
[D]Sing me the truth sweet bi[Dmaj7]rd of youth
I got some[D] trouble trying to underst[Dmaj7]and
[]Beneath the veils of mys[A]tery
[G]Are these movements from an unseen[A] hand
[D]Our arms are filled with sunken tre[Dmaj7]asure baby
[D]And our heads are filled with perfect [Dmaj7]sound
[G]Do we truely see it,[A] hey
[G]Till we're placing it in the gro[A]und
Chorus 2
[Em]Take just what you n[G]eed from me
Coz t[D]onight I'll [Bm]dream [E]about
[Em]Baby le[G]ts go [A]walk away[G] this time[D]
[D]               [C]           [Bm]       [G]

[D]Frost on my win[C]dowpane is [Bm]forming[G]   [Em]    [A]

[D]                  [Dmaj7]
[D]                  [Dmaj7]
[D]Don't pin that lin[A]e on me   no no
[G]Don't pin that lin[A]e on me   oh no no
Chorus 3
[Em]Baby le[G]t's go w[A]alk away
[Em]Won't you[G] take me[A] all away
[Em]Baby le{g]t's go w[A]alk away[G] this time[D]

[D]                  [Dmaj7]
[D]                  [Dmaj7]
[D]Paint me a boat, aw[Dmaj7]ay I'll float
[D]Into the stillness of a pure[Dmaj7] blue............ s[D]ky.........

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