David Gray - Knowhere tab

Tabbed by Doug =D

Written By David Gray
From The Album "A New Day At Midnight"

Standard Tuning

Just noticed that this song wasn't on here. It's simple enough so I thought I'd jot it 
I'm sure it's correct, it certainly sounds it. Its far from my favourite David Gray song 
its all right.

Chords Used:

E|-3--2--2---2--0--2--0-|B|-0--3--3---2--2--4--0-|G|-0--2--4---2--2--4--1-|D|-0--0--4---4--2--4--2-|A|-2-----2---4--0--2--2-|E|-3---------2--------0-| G D Bm Gbm A B E
-:Verse 1:- G D Bm Gbm Slow voices speaking through a hurricane G D Bm Gbm Said that I wanted but I lied G You're looking good D Bm Gbm Hey man I can't complain G D A Ghost on the road at night -:Verse 2:- G D Bm Gbm Seen him out walking he's just skin and bones G D Bm Gbm I don't see nothing in her eyes G D Bm Gbm Some call it hell felt like a home from home G D A I'm dreaming different skies -:Chorus:- B I don't know where I Gbm I don't know what I'm A supposed to do now B Get it on all night B I don't know where I Gbm I don't know what I A It seems to me boy B That you're doing all right Bm I don't know where I A I don't know what I Gbm Long way to go now E Keep it all inside ...G-D-Bm-Gbm... -:Verse 3:- G D Bm Gbm 36 hours but my mind is fresh G D Bm Gbm Live for the moment then I'm gone G D Bm Gbm Suck on the sympathy and feel the rush G D A Go on my blue eyed son -:Chorus:- ...Weird interlude bit... -:Chorus:-
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