David Guetta Vs The Egg - Love Dont Let Me Go Walking Away tab

Hey guys - I think this song absoloutly rocks... so i thought i'd post this tab, its a 
basic couple of riffs which change very slightly throughout the song (bear in mine the 
or the instrumentation used has automated filter sweeps etc) hope you like...

>Radio edit version<
just to clarify

Intro (played in a strumming motion, down up down up down up)e l-----------------------------------------------------|B l-----6-----6-----6-----6--------6-----6-----6-----6--|G l-----5-----5-----5-----5--------5-----5-----5-----5--|D l-----------------------------------------------------|A l--4-----4-----4-----4--------3-----3-----3-----3-----|E l--4-----4-----4-----4--------------------------------| Play this once for the intro
Chorus -e l-----------------------------------------------------------|B l-----6-----6-----6-----6--------6-----6-----6-----6--------|G l-----5-----5-----5-----5--------5-----5-----5-----5--------|D l--3-----3-----3-----3--------------------------------------|A l------------------------------4-----4-----4-----4----------|E l-----------------------------------------------------------|
e l-----------------------------------------------------------|B l-----6-----6-----6-----6--------6-----6-----6-----6--------|G l-----5-----5-----5-----5--------5-----5-----5-----5--------|D l-----------------------------------------------------------|A l--4-----4-----4-----4--------3-----3-----3-----3-----------|E l--4-----4-----4-----4--------------------------------------|Play this for extended intro and choruses
Now for the fun bit (listen to the cd to work out timing) -e l--------------------------------------------------------|B l---------6--------------------9-------------------------|G l---------------------6----------------------------------|D l--3--3-----3--3--3------3/6-----6--6--6--6--8-----------|A l--------------------------------------------------------|E l--------------------------------------------------------|
*in my opinion if playing this on acoustic it sounds better palm muted
This is the main basis of the verse riff, it will ocassionally changed to something like -e l--------------------------------------------------------|B l---------6--------------------9-------------------------|G l---------------------6----------------------------------|D l--3--3-----3--3--3------3/6-----6-6-6-6-8-8-8-8---------|A l--------------------------------------------------------|E l--------------------------------------------------------|
Lyrics - You've got me dancing and crying Rolling and flying Love don't let me go You've got me drowning in a river Cold but in a fever Love don't let me go Don't let me go...... Don't let me go I've been drowning in a river And its cold I'm in fever Don't let me go Hope you enjoy this tab, as usual any comments or questions please leave me a message i'll get back to you asap, thanks
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