One Love chords with lyrics by David Guetta - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

David Guetta – One Love chords

David Guetta Feat Estelle - One Love

The whole song is this sequence of chords

Cm  G   Bb  F

G#  D#  F   G

Cm GCan Anybody Help Me I'm Outta Plans
Bb FGuess I Left My World In Somebodys Hands
G# I Don't Like To Hurt But
D#But Everyone Gets Weak
FSomeone To Rely On
G That's What I Really Need
CmNow Here We Stay It's All That Were Worth
GI've Been Thru The Pain And Been Dragged Thru The Dirt
BbWhatever They Tell You Were Bigger Than Words
FI've Been Where Your Standing I Know How It Hurts
G#Let This Be A Song Now And This Be A Day
D#And We Stand Together That Will Be Okay
FBecause Were Survivors Were Making It Work
GExpecting The Best When They Hope For The Worst
CmOne love - This is the way we found
GOne love - Even though they'll let you down
BbOne love - Nobody's perfect now
FOne love - Don't let that hold u down
G#One love - Let's stick together now
D#One love - We got to stand our ground
FOne love - It's easy to believe in
GOne love - Believe in u and me
CmOnee Loveeeeeeeee
The next verse seems to be all the time in Cm, but on the guitar sounds boring, so:
Cm GNow I Could Try And Fix This All By Myself
Bb FBut I Know Itd Turn Out Better If U Help
G# No One Likes To Hurt But
D#But Everyone Gets Weak
FSomeone To Rely On
G Is what everybody needs
Repeats: Now Here We Stay... One love...
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